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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mad for Plaid

Usually when I think of plaids used in decorating I have a vision of an outdated piece of upholstery like this....

Lately, in my "design wanderings" on the web I have been noticing lots of up to date plaids... as well as a few magazine articles featuring plaid.  Intrigued, I thought I would round up a few plaid pieces I would consider using for a project as well as some spaces that use plaid in the decor.

How about plaid rugs like these at  Company C

This chair with an edgy, up to date look from Anthropologie

These great spaces with a touch of plaid.

How about this over the top plaid accent wall combined with  the plaid chair and pillows?

With these images in mind, I thought I would play around with the plaid idea a bit.  I envisioned a light filled loft, complete with brick walls and timber ceilings.  This design would be for one corner of the open, airy space.  Used as a library/workspace, a mish-mash of book cases filled to the brim with books would run along one wall and the focal point would be the graphic, plaid rug. The seating and occasional pieces have a very Mid-Century feel, but the overall look is very "collected." The other side of the room would be the living area and would repeat the eclectic scheme in terms of color and style, but with a textural floor covering and only hints of the "plaid" to tie it all together (maybe the Anthro chair?)

Loft Library

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