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Cathy Wall Designs was born from idea that I could get paid to do what I love. I have always had a knack for things visual and have been using my creativity to make things look better for years.  From building Barbie houses as a kid and studying graphic design in college, to retail store merchandising and working for a custom home builder, I have had many different creative experiences. Making  my own home look great on a budget and helping my friends and family do the same was simply a "hobby" for many years. It wasn't until an Atlanta based designer friend asked me to collaborate on a project for one of her clients who was relocating to Chicago, (my hometown) that I got serious about making this my career.  I have not looked back.  A supportive husband and  family (including 3 teenagers who love to re-arrange their rooms,) wonderful clients who have trusted me with decorating their homes as well as a variety of interesting projects have made this a fulfilling journey.

Room Rx, the blog,  is a place for me to share my design inspirations, escapades and ideas.  My goal in designing spaces for my clients is great style for a good value.  Some of my designs are done on a tiny budget and some with a much larger one. Great design can be approachable for anyone, whether you are using hand-me-downs and Craigslist items, "to the trade only" products or anything in between.  There is a look and a price that will work for all.  My hope for this blog is to educate, inspire and help you create rooms that make you feel better!

A Room Rx is also just one of the services offered by Cathy Wall Designs. 
Please contact me at Cathy Wall Designs if you are interested in learning more about how I can help you.

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