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Room Rx Services

Feeling Blah about your rooms? 
Time for a Room Prescription!

Webster defines the word “prescription” as follows:
a: a written direction for a therapeutic or corrective agent; specifically : one for the preparation and use of a medicine b: a prescribed medicine c: something (as a recommendation) resembling a doctor's prescription <prescriptions for economic recovery>

At Cathy Wall Designs, a Room Rx is a “prescription” for changing the decor, function or design of a room.  A Room Rx is intended for clients who live outside of Madison, WI or anyone who likes DIY projects. The idea is that with a little help and inspiration, a client can complete the transformation themselves. A room Rx is an approachable, cost effective solution to curing the “blahs” of any room.
A Room Rx includes:
  • A description of the project including the “how to”
  • A “to scale” furniture plan of the room
  • A Design Concept Board, complete with a color scheme, materials, furniture, accessories or anything else needed to complete the look
  • A list of Resources for purchasing the products recommended

Getting Started:
  • Contact me at cathywalldesigns@gmail.com with a general overview of your project and to receive info about my pricing, payment and availability
  • Fill out the attached questionnaire
  • Photograph your room using these instructions: Photographing your room
  • Measure your room using these instructions: How to measure
  • Take photos of and measure any furniture pieces that you plan to use in the room.

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