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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

As only Martha can do

Intrigued, I signed up for the relatively new online newsletter called "Curbed".  The city versions of Curbed focus on real estate, retail and food and recently a national version was introduced with "a focus all-things design, decor, and shelter, from Malibu dream houses to Wyoming ranches to Maine cabins, and all residences in between."

As part of Curbed National's roll-out, dollhouses were sent to the editors in chief of 6 shelter publications with hopes that each would put their signature on it.  Martha Stewart's was the last to arrive, but it is so Martha and well worth the wait.  Check out the other Operation Dollhouse entries, they are also fitting for both the editor and the publication.  

I never had an "official dollhouse" as a kid, instead, I spent hours with my neighbor friend building Barbie "compounds" with scraps of fabric, cardboard boxes and whatever else we could find.  Perhaps that is where my love of thrifting, re-using and re-inventing pieces began...

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