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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Color of the Moment: peacock feathers

The onset of fall seems to summon up richer, deeper color both in fashion and in the home. The colors found in peacock feathers are regal in their combination of cool blues and greens and warmer golds and yellow greens. Combined with a little shimmer, the colors are perfect to warm up the atmosphere in any room.

peacock feathers

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Jenn said...

I LOVE this color palette! Especially the darker blue with the lighter blue.

Holly said...

I haven't actually seen a peacock in person in years - we are hopefully going to the zoo soon - but the colors are so rich and bold. And I love that bag in your mood board! Did you see the space that Celerie Kemble did recently with the peacock sitting on the table?

Lisa - A Room with A View said...

A stunning board, Cathy..love the vibrant colors of the peacock.

Brooke said...


Cathy Wall said...

Brooke here is a link to the rug which is available through Macy's:

Thanks for stopping by!


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