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Friday, September 9, 2011

Fresh Fabrics Friday: Kuba Cloth

Today Fresh Fabrics Friday is all about Kuba Cloth, a type of fabric which is an art form among the many sub groups of Kuba people of the Congo.  The beautiful, hand dyed, geometric patterns of this textile have been showing up for years in home design and continue to be quite popular.

Kuba Cloth is woven from raffia, which is actually made from the leaves of the raffia tree.  The process of growing and making the raffia fibers, as well as weaving it is traditionally done by men. When finished, the cloth is passed along to the women, who are responsible for the applied patterns.  A form of needlework, much like embroidery as well as a process of patching, reminiscent of applique, are used to do this.

Like many ethnic textiles, Kuba Cloth was symbolic of wealth and was even used as a form of currency. Often the more complex and intricate the pattern, the more valuable the piece.  Kuba cloth was created and given as gifts and as a form of tribute. If you are interested in learning more about Kuba and its history there is a great article here as well as a soon to be opening exhibit at The Textile Museum.

Now onto the eye candy portion of this post, the many ways Kuba Cloth has shown up in design....


Framed pieces used as art

Folded, at the end of the bed

Upholstered into a chair cushion 

More pillows
Beautiful pieces of Kuba Cloth are available for purchase, to use however you see fit.

I also found a couple of fabrics that mimic the look of the real thing
Kuba Cloth by Mally Skok Deign

 Quadrant by Christopher Farr

The earthy colors and the unique, geometric patterns of Kuba Cloth really appeal to me as I think they lend interest and uniqueness to a space.  I have a couple of pieces of framed Kuba Cloth in my own home.

What about you?  Do you like it? Have you used Kuba Cloth in a project or in your home?

Does your room need a “prescription” for a change of decor, function or design
If so please contact me, I would love to help your room feel better with a Design Concept Board or a complete Room Rx.


Holly said...

I do like this and could see using it in an office or library type of space. I think I'd use it for a space that needed a touch of masculine to it. You're always teaching me something new. Have a great weekend!


So funny! I picked up quite a few pieces at Scotts last month!!!

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