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Friday, November 11, 2011

Fresh Fabrics Friday: Lauren Leiss Textiles

Oh my goodness this is truly textile love for me, Lauren Leiss' new line of fabrics, LL Textiles, is absolutely breath taking, from graphic patterns to lovely hand drawn prints each fabric more delightful than the next.  Leiss, a designer and author of the delightful blog, Pure Style Home has been working for many months producing this line and it truly speaks from her heart.  Each pattern is introduced with a narrative describing her inspiration for the design.  The fabrics are created in beautiful colors and printed in an eco friendly process on 100% linen cloth giving them a soft hand and timeworn feel.

The fact that LL Textiles are linen prints makes them ideal for bedding, pillows, window treatments and light use upholstery.  Lauren even embraces the patina resulting from washing the fabrics and shows several this way on her site.

 Love this print on the back of the modern wing chair and the Ikat on the window.

This combination of colors and patterns speaks to me.

Earthy but modern, perfectly suited to interiors from traditional to contemporary.
Go to Pure Style Home to browse for yourself and read about each lovely design.  While you are at it Lauren wrote a terrific post on her blog yesterday about price points and fabrics which helped take the mystery out of why some fabrics are so costly.

Congratulations to Lauren on the launch of what I know will be a highly successful fabric line.  I can't wait to find the perfect project in which to use them.

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Holly said...

Great choice Cathy! I was thinking about your series and wondering what you would choose today and this is so timely. Lauren has done a beautiful job with her line - that first photo of all the fabrics is perfect. I love the magnolia fabric, and the happikat. I don't think I've ever won anything but I would LOVE to win her generous giveaway. And that post about the price points was excellent. Have a great weekend Cathy!

Jenn said...

Lauren did such an amazing job with her fabrics. They are GORGEOUS! I too appreciated her post about fabric price points ... so interesting!


I can't wait to buy some of her fabrics...they are divine!

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