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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Room Rx: A Sweet Girl's Nursery

Friends, I am knee deep into kitchens and nurseries these days and all I can say is that I am having some kind of fun! My mind is swirling with ideas and I have lots to share over the next few weeks. Today you get some before shots and a dose of inspiration for one of the nurseries I am doing a Room Rx for. You will have to be patient on the final outcome, as you know these things take time and since this space is being done on a serious budget, there will be lots of DIY projects.

So, let's get started shall we?  This room with it's lovely blue carpet has already seen some help...and this photo was taken after the matching blue walls were painted!

Carpet, gone (and the layer of indoor/outdoor carpet underneath), floors sanded and painted a creamy white... 

The room has great bones; gorgeous beefy mouldings, lots of light and a spacious size.

The new resident of the space above is going to be my cousin Jesse and her husband GW's baby girl!  I have shared a bit about Jesse & GW here. Let's just say this couple has fantastic taste and Jesse, being the DIY girl that she is, will be up to the task of the many Do It Yourself projects we have planned to make this a knock out room.

When we got started, Jesse sent me these inspiration photos that summed up the feel she wanted for the room... soft, feminine, all girl!

After looking at lots of bedding and tons of fabrics to find the perfect starting point, Jesse decided that the inspiration for the room was already in her possession, this lovely, sophisticated rug with it's natural background and seaglass blues, sage greens and coral reds.

I am thrilled with this as the foundation and have lots of great ideas about pulling it all together.
As of today, fabric and paint samples are on order so that we can hone in on the textile direction and wall color of the room.  Once we get that decided I will share more about the DIY projects and keep you up to date on the room's progress.  This "sweet girl" will be here before you know it, so we need to get crackin' on completing this space!

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Suzy www.savedbysuzy.blogspot.com said...

That room is going to be gorgeous! There are so many pretty colors to pull from the rug...what a perfect starting point.

Holly said...

My first comment got the boot - anyway, this is great and I can't wait to see what projects you and your cousin have in mind. The rug is really great. I love nurseries as they allow for so much creativity and imagination. Also reminds me that I need to do a post on my little girl's room.

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

Kids and baby rooms are my very favourite projects. I think you're going to hit a home run with this rug as a starting point. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Gosh, I think that is one of the most beautiful rugs I've ever seen. Great inspiration piece. I'm so looking forward to seeing this room come together.

Ispirato Design said...

What a great jumping off piece! The colors are perfect.

Lisa - A Room with A View said...

You are busy! The rug is a simply stunning piece and it is exciting to have such inspiration as you can go in different directions with it..the baby can use it as she grows up, at different stages.

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