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Friday, October 5, 2012

High brow - Low brow: leather butterfly chair

Originally designed in 1938 by Ferrari Hardoy, an apprentice of Le Corbusier, the leather butterfly chair has a modern, bohemian vibe. Knoll took over production of this chair in 1947. Originals can be found at online auction houses for hundreds of dollars. like this one below....

CB2 has a knock off in their line up of new products this Fall:


Shopping recently at World Market, I saw this chair and the price tag? $200 cheaper than the CB2 version and because it is a knock off of the knock off, hundreds less than the real deal.

I am digging the earthy, masculine and cool look, how about you?

 Before I forget.... today I am guest posting about my "Fall Favorites"for Jenn at A Home in the Making while she enjoys a get away with her husband in Italy. Lucky girl!!!! If you are not familiar with Jenn's blog, do check it out, she is one talented lady and has done magnificent things to the darling bungalow she shares with her husband Chris (he has helped too)! They are in the midst of a dynamite kitchen renovation that you don't want to miss.

Have a wonderful Fall week-end everyone.

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Holly said...

Happy weekend my friend. Loved your chunky knit picks over on Jenn's blog - nothing quite like it in the fall. And a warm cup of hot chocolate or coffee - sounds good to me. I've seen a few versions of this cheer as well. I like that it could work in a variety of rooms/spaces.

Nancy said...

I saw that chair at World Market and my first inclination was Ive got to have it! I grew up with those in the 70's and loved them, but then I remembered how hard it is for older folks to get in and out of them, and so I passed. But I LOVE IT!!!
Have a nice weekend.
xo Nancy

Brigid Skoog said...

One of my college friends had a family heriloom butterfly chair in her first apartment. After a long night that included happy hour, post-happy hour, and post-post happy hour, we went back to her apartment and I collapsed, gratefully, into her cherished chair. Bad news. In my over-happy houred state, I could not get out of that chair to save my life. It took three guys and my friend shrieking, "You hurt that chair and I'll maim your future children!" to finally get me upright again. Good news. No damage, to either her chair or my children. And the chair has aged beautifully--it's now residing in her study in the Chicago suburbs. I saw it this summer, but was not allowed to sit in it. I wonder why?

Jamie Herzlinger said...

I love Le Corbusier, he always got it right! He really took the time to understand the human body and designed accordingly! What a great legacy. Thanks for sharing!

Love, Jamie Herzlinger

My Crafty Home Life said...

Haha totally remember them the first time around. I think that makes me too old? My daughter would love one. I think I sat in it while watching the Brady Bunch.

pam {simple details} said...

Don't know how I missed this on Friday :( Love that chair, and World Market!

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