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Friday, October 11, 2013

Guest Post: Amber of The Vanity Room

For all of you bloggers reading today, remember when you first took the plunge and began writing your blog? If you were anything like me you were excited, full of ideas and perhaps even a bit nervous about it all. The learning curve often seemed a bit overwhelming; wondering who will read your blog, how to build readership, the ins and outs of creating a readable post, blog graphics, the whole commenting process, stats and the list goes on. Well one thing that I have enjoyed since almost day one is the sense of community among like minded bloggers, the support, willingness to help, etc. 

Today it is my turn to pay it forward for all of the support and "blog love" I have received over the past couple of years. I would like to introduce Amber  of the new blog The Vanity Room! Amber recently contacted me inquiring about the possibility of writing a guest post. I was impressed by her willingness  to put herself out there, so I immediately said "Yes!" 

So without further adieu here is Amber's guest post on Color.

Home Color Therapy
Probably all of us know the healing power of the sun, that energizing source of life that we miss so much during long, grayish winters full of clouds. All the colors of the rainbow have such power as well.


Chromotherapy or color therapy is a method of fighting depression, or even sadness, using different tools, exercises and strategies involving colors. There are many alternative health practitioners who practice color therapy in their healing rooms, but wouldn’t it be better to create a home that will always have that healing effect on you?


What will heal us in 2014?
An authority on colors, the Pantone website, does not give away the color that will reign in 2014. However, it gives a list of shades that will be big among fashion designers next spring: placid blue, violet tulip, sand, cayenne, freesia, celosia orange, radiant orchid and dazzling blue.


Since fashion and home décor often follow the same trends, I’ll gladly listen to Pantone experts and try to create the best combination of pastels and vibrant colors to make my home as healing and as emotionally placid as possible. Maybe I’ll even try to guess which of these colors will become THE color of 2014.


Pastels to soothe, vibrants to energize
Whenever I paint a room, I try to meditate on my color options as thoroughly as possible, considering the type of furniture I have from Tesco, wall art, small details and how I want to feel in there.


Some shade of blue is usually reserved for my bedroom, primarily because that is my favorite color and because just looking at the sky or the sea is very soothing, so I always try to recreate that effect in my home. For my next home painting project I will definitely try the placid blue, perhaps paired with violet tulip to give it some creative twist.


I also like to experiment in my bathroom. Since everything in there is white - the bath tub I recently got from My-bathrooms, also toilet, sink and tiles that reach up to half of the wall height - the other “bare” half of the wall gives me so much room to play with color. I’ve had a shade of green similar to emerald for a couple of years now, without knowing emerald would be this year’s king among colors. It’s time for a change and I’d love to try something more energizing, maybe orange or that dazzling blue.


My dining room is the most cheerful spot in my home because it so often echoes with laughter from guests I invite over for dinner. I love having my house full of people and to compliment that trait of mine, I’m thinking: freesia paired with sand will definitely bring out the cheerfulness of my home and accentuate that wonderful rustic table set I bought recently.


I’m still in the process of considering all these ideas, but I hope I’ve helped those among you who are also in the meditating phase.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on color and ideas for adding it to your own home Amber!
I asked Amber to tell me a little more about herself and here is what she said:

I love making crafts and I am planing to start my Etsy shop as well. I love to work for family and friends and love decorating their homes as well as my own of course! Colors attract me so much and creativity is something I am born with! I am the kind of person who is always busy discovering new things, meeting new people, creating new stuff and looking for new ideas. I believe one should not spend a lot of money on buying very expensive things when you can reuse old stuff to create new things or use your imagination and skills to create beautiful things and feel proud of your creative skills as well. 

So friends, please give Amber a little "blog love" and visit The Vanity Room.
You can also find her here:

Hope you have fun plans for this Fall week-end, enjoy!


Does your room need a “prescription” for a change of decor, function or design?  I would love to work with you to help your room "feel better."  
Contact me for more information about my design services.


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