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Monday, October 31, 2016

Before and After: A kitchen refresh

"Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater." I am a firm believer in trying to make the most of the existing elements in a space before considering replacing or changing them. Often budgetary constraints dictate creative thinking in that regard, but sometimes it just makes sense. Such was the case in this project.
When my CSIL decided that it was finally time to give her kitchen an update, we knew that most of the cabinetry would stay and get updated with paint which would play well with the existing granite counters. The big changes that were going to happen in this space were the addition of hardwood flooring, a different back splash and a new, larger window.

Adding that window had me rethinking the existing upper cabinets and how we could make a statement in what was chosen for the new uppers.

We loved the interest of glass fronted doors and since the counters were black we decided to play that
 by accenting the doors in black paint.

The gray-blue tile on the floor was bossy in terms of color so it was time to say "bye bye"

What a difference the hardwood makes. It ties in well with the flooring throughout the rest of the home.
Since the pegboard and John Boos work cart lent such function to the kitchen in what would other wise be a dead space, we kept them.

The original cooking space was set up with an off-kilter arrangement of upper cabinets.

Removing those completely and adding the matte black hood over the textural back splash tile gives the area a clean, impactful look.

Details such as the crystal knobs,

matte black pulls,

white, textured subway tiled installed on the vertical and graphic pattern on the Roman shade keep the kitchen interesting without overwhelming the small space.

My "foodie" sister and brother in-law are loving their updated kitchen and I am thrilled to have collaborated on yet another space in this home.
I think we have done nearly every corner of Dover Road, go here to see more!


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the cape on the corner said...

this is AMAZING! it's so much brighter and lighter. i could never come up with this.

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