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Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Color of the Moment" - Kelly Green

Color, another one of those tricky topics in decorating....  There will always be trendy, of the moment color in home decor, the trick is to use color in a way that your rooms remain fresh and up to date and not tired and "mauve & gray" or "avocado & harvest gold"  looking.  My feeling about how to do that is to stick with colors that you love and use them in comfortable, flexible doses.

Today the "color of the moment" is a bold kelly green.  I love how each room shown has a crisp, clean look to it and the green is not so dominant as to overpower. This green is a strong color and used with the restraint shown above is full of impact without being overwhelming, giving the rooms a fresh, current look.  The walls in all of the rooms except the kitchen provide a neutral background and in most cases, the green is used in pieces or ways that could be changed out down the road, such as accessories, paint and fabric.  Another key element in these rooms is balance,with pops of well placed color, held in check with restful whites, creams and naturals.

While kelly green is not normally a color I would choose for my own home, I actually love every room here and if it didn't mean redecorating my entire house (which I would love to do someday) I would use this color in a hearbeat!  How about you, does kelly green speak to you?  What "color of the moment" has your attention?  Let me know and I'll dedicate a future post to it.

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