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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Years ago on our first visit to New York City together, I dragged my husband into the venerable ABC Carpet & Home store in the Flatiron District.  I remember perusing nearly every floor taking in the wide and interesting assortment of home goods, the likes of which I had not seen anywhere else at the time.  

Fast forward to this past week-end, our time in New York City shortened by the better part of a day thanks to mother nature dumping 19 inches of heavy, wet snow on the area, meaning we had to alter our plans.  Knowing how much I wanted to go to ABC, my husband  humored me and graciously dropped the idea of a stop at the Tenement Museum in favor of a visit to ABC. 

Rustic woods and white, a lovely combo
And for me, this visit did not disappoint. Unique, trend setting, collected, this store is just the place for home decor that makes a statement. ABC almost feels more like a warehouse than a store with 6 rustic, creaky  floors chock full of their wares displayed in creative, attention grabbing ways. The business has been in existence since the late 1800's, is still run by the founding family and has an interesting history

So on to my discoveries... First up, reclaimed wood furniture, it was everywhere and interesting. It turns out that the company, since 2003, has made sustainability a part of their mission and offers products that support this such as abc goodwood, a unique furniture product line "made entirely from sustainable, recycled, reclaimed and salvaged wood that protect old growth forests." (Purchase a piece from this product line and a tree will be planted.)  
Love the mix of woods
Lots of stumps, tree sections and roots
The stump becomes elegant, cloaked in white and topped with zinc
Rebar forms the base for this table topped in reclaimed wood

ABC was "pillow heaven," with such unique, one of a kind offerings in interesting fabrics and colors, that it seemed they too were "green" and could easily have been made from fabric remnants, scraps or organic and sustainable materials. At the very least, a number of these were probably part of the Artisan Indigenous program at the store. (Next time I'll check the tags, but this time I was too busy just trying to take it all in...)
Soft yummy colors and tie dye
Rich velvets and deep colors
An old lace tablecloth?
Doilies dyed black make a  graphic statement

A whole floor was dedicated to vintage and antique pieces, another sustainable direction. I was loving the British focus of one display in particular.....sofas, ottomans, trunks, pillows all done up in the likeness of the Union Jack.
Trunks galore
A future DIY project?
This would make an interesting headboard

Whether or not this is a trend, I can't say, but there were "patchwork" pieces making an appearance on several floors.  With the unusual, funky nature of this look, having one piece would certainly make a statement in any room.
Crushed velvet?  A great shape and fun little accent chair
A stunning rug, dyed, pieced and sewn from old, no longer viable carpets and  a part of ABC's Color Reform program
I've only covered the "tip of the iceberg" with what I have shared here today.  Suffice it to say, 
ABC Carpet and Home is a remarkable store with a storied history and relevant mission for today, well worth perusing in person and even on line.
 Come back tomorrow to read more about the "carpet" part of the business. And please, do tell, have you ever visited ABC on a jaunt to The Big Apple?  I would love to hear your thoughts.


Dizzy Daisy said...

Wow! That place looks incredible! I could get lost for days in there...

r.gorey said...

I am sooo jealous but i hope a trip there this spring pans out! Maybe we should go for a buying trip...ah...wouldnt that be fabulous?!!

Cathy Wall said...

Oooohhh a buying trip, now that sounds like my kind of fun. For now we'll just have to shop virtually!

Rene said...

What a treat that must have been. I've always wanted to go to ABC. You got some great shots. Love all of the reclaimed wood.


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