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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ABC - part 2

Since ABC Carpet and Home began it's life as purveyor of rugs and carpets, one whole building of their NYC flagship complex is dedicated to just that. While we didn't have time to check out that second building, I scoped out the floor in the home store dedicated to those products and WOW!  I was absolutely blown away by the bright, boldly colored rugs that met us as we entered the floor....

The Color Reform collection really knocked my socks off with the luminous, saturated color and the fact that this green initiative was begun as a means of salvaging old, less than perfect carpets, while retaining their character and usefulness.  Below are a few of my favorite Color Reform products from the website:

The patchwork pieces may be my favorites, they feel like hand crafted and thoughtful collages.  All of these rugs are powerful though, with intense color and classic interest.  Then to take it all to the next level, "no scrap left behind," there were the ottomans....

I <3 these!  In fact, if I had gobs of $$ I would buy a rug for one room and an ottoman for another in my house and start my decorating all over!  But I shouldn't get carried away here, because, moving on, there was the Madeline Weinrib Shop and without question I would have something from her collection in my dream decor.

This product line really speaks to me as well with the large, graphic pattern, delicious color, and what you can't see from the internet, but must experience in person, the touch, texture and feel of the rugs.  Made from wools and silks and tightly hand knotted, these are some of the softest, richest carpets around.

Love the color combo of the pink and orange with a neutral
Beautiful pillows
Gorgeous textiles
 Madeline Weinrib is the great grand daughter of the original founder of ABC Carpet and Home and an obvious talent in her own right.  She is also a philanthropist and sponsor of Project Mala, an organization focused on eliminating child labor in the carpet production industry.   In reading up on ABC I found that the company itself is very focused on the world community and has several initiatives in place in order to give back.  

I have shared much about this amazing place and there is much more that I haven't, but before I go, check out the hubby's find in the Conran Shop.... being a ping pong player, he was drawn to this.....

A chalkboard topped ping pong table!

What a steal....

He even got me to play!
Suffice it to say, next time I go to New York City, I will plan  my time so that I have more that 45 minutes to explore this incredible store.  In the meantime, I'll have to make due with noodling around their website 
and dreaming of their products in my home.....

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