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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


After several months of waiting, {for reasons too long and boring to go into here} today is the day that we will finally have a new front door on our house.  

Since the day we moved in , I have disliked {rather intensely} the door that was there because:

1) With only 2 tiny windows at the top it let very little light into a north facing foyer, making it the darkest room in the house {great way to great people...} 

2) Even when unlocked, it was so difficult to open that if you didn't know the secret trick, you could not budge it.

3) While fixable, the hunter green and brass on the screen door and my "science experiment color" on the door itself, {yes I'll admit it, even we creative people make our mistakes} just were not doing it for me.

4) It is ugly....and boring.

So buh bye yucky old door.....and hello beautiful new door that has been sitting in my living room for 6+ weeks now....
I am going to put on my warmest sweater today and maybe some mittens and a scarf because the house will be open to the elements as my guy Matt, gets this baby installed along with a new screen door {color to match the trim.}  Did I mention that he/they would be replacing the 2 windows that we had installed last fall, and failed to notice until it was too late, were the WRONG color? {note WHITE window above door, winking at you.} This was an unfortunate, costly {thankfully, not for us} ordering snafu, again, story too long/boring to go into.  So stay tuned as my 70's "Faux Tudor" Parade home {1976, don't ya know} gets a front door face lift, and my living room can actually be used again {not that it ever was.}

After photos coming soon..... {Sorry for all of the parenthesis, lots of side notes today!}

Does your room need a “prescription” for a change of decor, function or design? If so please contact me,
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Therese said...

How exciting! Can't wait for the after photos.

Anonymous said...

DOOR.. DOOR.. DOOR !!! What happened?
I agree with # 4 ugly...boring. I love my door. It has all this cool beveled glass and it throws round bubbly spots ( think champagne) on the wall in the dining room in the early am. I'll send you a pic. Robbin

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