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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Room Rx: A Family Room with Flair

Homes built more than 70 years ago were designed to accommodate family life of the day with more formal spaces, smaller rooms and not much storage. In order to fit with today's lifestyle these older homes, though loaded with character, need to be updated, from remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms to carving out a place for kids to hang out with friends.  When a new client contacted me for help on the build-out of their basement I jumped at the chance.

Lucky for this family, the bones of their older home include a very deep foundation, allowing for taller ceilings and lots of light.  The finished project will include what I love to call a "rumpus room," a place for watching TV, playing video games and goofing off with friends, as well as a multi-purpose space where my client can teach yoga classes and the boys (including Dad) can knock around a hockey puck (and hopefully not break the windows or lights!)  It is a terrific space and the project is moving along nicely, so the time had come for outfitting the rumpus/family room.  The initial direction was that the room had to be bright and fun, but had to withstand the wear and tear of 3 kids and their friends and of course, not break the bank.  My client came armed with inspiration in the form of artwork similar to the piece below and I got to work.

Here is my Design Concept Board for the room. The big splurge for the space is the large, comfy, sleeper sectional in a rich chocolate brown, and everything else will be "inexpensive, don't worry if they take a beating" pieces.
a family room with flair
The basement floor is of course, concrete, and for the studio/hockey space it needed to be practical so the entire floor was coated with a tinted epoxy.  The family room area required a warmer, more cozy flooring, so we explored using Flor tiles which come in wonderful colors, patterns and textures.  The problem was, placed directly over concrete, the comfort factor just wasn't there (visualize wrestling or spreading out with a pillow to watch a movie, on concrete,) so a border of the Flor tiles with a carpet remnant and pad will provide coziness and ground the space.  Next up, fine tuning the fabrics and colors, here is a preview of things to come, (in the photo below Flor tiles are on the perimeter in teal, chocolate, orange and green.)
My client and I are excited about the direction and progress, so stay tuned for more as this fun space comes together.
Does your room need a “prescription” for a change of decor, function or design? If so please contact me,
I would love to help!

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