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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

At the end of my rope

Rope, who would think such a utilitarian material could inspire such creative uses in design and decor? 
Simple drawer pulls, about the easiest DIY project imaginable...
via {Remodelista}

Stunning support for bed swings.

The cord for a pendant lamp, twisted around a side table and knots appliqued on a pillow...
Country Living

As a mirror frame.
Plumo Ltd

Interpreted in fabric and fashioned into a pillow, Lemon Rope by Hable Construction.

A vintage Hans Wegner style rope chair.
Modern Vintage
Rope is the foundation of macrame pieces conjuring up plant hangers and 70's type wall hangings, but check out this modern interpretation of the classic wall hanging....

Sally England

The rope pendant again, so sophisticated here...
DeCesare Design Group

A rug woven from no longer useful mountain climbing rope, the link below includes a "how to."
Mountain Project

An over sized crocheted rug, gorgeous!
 Jean of Ladies and Gentlemen {via}

Such cleverness and creativity!  And then there is the whole world of rope in fashion, from bracelets, to necklaces, to belts and beyond, the applications seem endless.... I am inspired to find some way to incorporate the lowly rope in my home, believe me, the wheels are turning.  How about you, have you used rope for a design related project?  Leave a comment and feel free to share a link and give us a peek.

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I would love to help your room feel better!


Rene said...

Fun ideas! I'm loving that macrame headboard and it reminds me of all of my dad's macrame projects - room dividers, belts, etc. That rug is pretty fabulous too. I hope you are well!


Orange it Lovely said...

I Love love love those pendant lights and chairs!! Gorgeous!!
Oh Im having a giveaway if you want to stop on over :)

Evie said...

hanging beds scare and fascinate me at the same time! I would love to meet the person who has that in their home...I bet they would be very interesting!

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