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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Finds: World Market

Madison is not exactly a "home decor mecca," we do have a few wonderful, local home stores and some terrific antique and second hand stores, as well as a handful of national retailers, so we make do.  Sometimes however, we all need a "quick fix," something that fills the bill but doesn't break the bank or require a total overhaul to be just right (I have mentioned before, that while I am perfectly capable of DIY, I don't always have the patience or time for it). It's the "quick fix" that is often a little tougher to do here with the limited resources available.  Today when I made a quick stop at World Market, I must say I was quite pleasantly surprised.  Since I have neither the need nor the cash to purchase many of these goodies, I thought I would share my "finds" with you my friends!

First up, since I am in the planning stages of an home office makeover, I had to check out the desks, have a look at this beauty:

I have seen chairs like this all over the internet, but never at such an outstanding price!

This chair would be stunning at either end of a dining table, paired with some upholstered side chairs.

Another little dittie that has made a few appearances around the design world of late, but is now within reach for those of us with skinny wallets!

You never know what pretty, ready made pillows you might find at a big box retailer, I was not disappointed, aren't these fresh and fun?

This photo does not do justice to the lovely pattern of these curtains, a great way to add some zip to any room.  There were pillows made of the same fabric, add just one to tie the room together.

OMG, how fun is this outdoor pouf?  The brightly colored patchwork is eye-catching and hip.
Gauguin Garden Pouf $59.99

Loved this print as a starting/inspiration piece for a room design, great colors, a pleasing pattern and an affordable price. 

Jodi Fuchs "Collective" $129.99 

There were quite a few other pieces that I thought were well designed at a great price but I didn't want to bore you to tears here.  If you have a World Market near you check it out, if not these items and more are available on their website, set aside some time and have a look.  

What have you purchased from World Market for your home?  Where else have you shopped lately and what great finds have you uncovered?  Would love to hear.....

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Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Well Portland could use some help as well, I've been to Madison a few times, always had a great time! And I'm surprised by some of the items you found at World Market, liking the stools! Janell

elizabeth@themustardceiling said...

Love the desk in the first photo. Clovis, NM is not exactly an ideal area for shopping either :). I think it helps the creative process though.

Jenn said...

These are great finds ... I really like that campaign desk. I rarely remember to visit World Market, but when I do I'm always pleasantly surprised.

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