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Monday, June 13, 2011

Paint: Headboard Stripes

Sometimes it is the most simple, inexpensive tricks that have the most impact and can make a room.  I have mentioned before that I am not a fan of accent walls per say, but I love the idea of using paint in interesting ways on the walls. I understand the desire to bring more color into a room with paint so when I saw the image below, with the headboard stripes, I knew that for me, this was one way to make the accent wall concept happen.
Coastal Living

In looking around, I found a few more examples of the headboard stripe concept and am wowed by the impact it can make.  Take the image below for example, white walls with a vibrant green stripe the perfect width of the headboard.  The bold stripe is the only pop of color in an otherwise neutral room.
 Francois Halard via Remodelista

Or the reverse with a lavender wall and a white stripe...
 Apartment Therapy

Of course there are always many approaches to the same concept, so if you have the time and patience, a wider swath of paint done in a horizontal stripe, accented with the stripes a shade lighter behind the headboard looks amazing!

Or try this simple band of stripes that canopies over the ceiling. Very cool!

A quart of paint, some painter's tape, a straight edge and a little patience is all it would take to DIY this concept yourself.  High impact, low budget, love it!!! 

Today is the first official day of Summer break at our house.  No sleeping in here, my oldest was off to his job by 6 AM, my daughter has a daily cross country run at 8 AM and my youngest is an early riser.  I do believe this is not a bad thing and at the very least, it will have me "up and at 'em," ready to get things accomplished in my day.  That said, I have a list a mile long, I had better get after it! Hope you and I both, have a productive day!

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Raina Cox said...

I'm not usually one for paint effects, but those first two shots are divine!


Those are some great images with good ideas on how to add paint accents without looking cheesy! Good roundup!

Kathysue said...

I really love this look! Any time I see the word stripe I have too take a peek. I am nuts for stripes, Kathysue

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