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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Powder Rooms: Tips for Big Impact

How do you make a big impact in a small space such as a powder room?  I was asked this question by a reader recently.  Her powder room is 37" x 84" a space that is currently filled with a dated dark wood vanity and toilet.  At the moment, a bold paint color and a large piece of artwork on the long wall help the space but now that an update is in the cards, she wants to take the space further.

Inspired, I collected a few images and share what works in these small bathrooms.
1) Use a clean, simple and open vanity with a vessel sink to visually expand the space
2) Try an unusual flooring, in this case concrete 
3) Add a dynamite light fixture
4) Tile just one wall, entirely
5) Add an interesting mirror (in this room, the shape and size make a statement)
6) Keep the color scheme focused 
Ikea Hackers
7) Add color to the cabinetry, not the walls 
8) Unify by repeating elements (white frames, mirror and accessories)

None of these are hard and fast rules, but ideas that work in these spaces.  Making an impact in a small space is about choosing the right elements and making sure that they work well together.  A powder room is the perfect space to do something bold and unusual, such as add wallpaper, a cool light fixture or unusual vanity if that is what you are comfortable with.  One last thing to consider in a small space....the ceiling....ohhh the possibilities on this under utilized surface!

Does your room need a “prescription” for a change of decor, function or design
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