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Thursday, August 25, 2011

High Brow - Low Brow: natural fiber pendants

Aren't these Regina Andrews jute pendants from Layla Grace just gorgeous? Used solo or in a grouping of three, they have just the right look for a room needing a relaxed, high style, even kitschy feel. At $323 for the cylinder and $373 for the others, purchased individually, the price will not break the bank.

Want the look for less? Check out my find from World Market....

So, these are obviously not identical, since both the shapes and the material are different, but using this trio in the same way as a trio of the Regina Andrews Jute from Layla Grace would certainly exude a similar vibe and at $59.99 for the 3 shades and $24.99 for the 3 arm lighting kit the combo would save a person lots of cash.  One could even buy all 3 shades (which are sold as a group) and the single lighting kit, use the largest of the shades for a single pendant and use the other two for other lamps and really feel good about the savings!

So there you have it, as my hubbie says, "you've got to spend money to save money!"  Great wisdom from an accountant!

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Holly said...

This might be crazy but I think I prefer the World Market option over the Layla Grace option, but they are both great and would add texture to any room.`I'd have to see them in person to make my final decision, but quick glance I prefer the WM lighting.

Lisa - A Room with A View said...

Both great options depending on budget; both add texture of a different sort but similar ambient lighting.

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