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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Graduation & Dorm Room Decor

Last Saturday was a great day at our house, as our oldest, Ryan, graduated from high school!
 We could not be prouder of our honors grad...

and future UW Madison student!

How cool that the ceremony took place at the Kohl Center on the UW campus, giving all of us a taste of things to come.

After a celebratory lunch there were graduation gifts to open. Of course some of the gifts were quite practical, things for Ryan's future dorm room like a down quilt, sheets and storage ottomans.

 The most fun gift was from Uncle Scott (my brother) who had a pillow made to replicate one he had seen in an antique store made with a vintage banner. His talented friend Kevin put it all together (Thank you Kevin). The most surprising part of that gift was the fact that without talking to me beforehand, Scott chose the awesome buffalo check, which coordinated perfectly with the sheets and comforter I had chosen.  I made an audible gasp as Ryan opened that gift and we had a good chuckle afterwards about how much we siblings think alike!

What a clever gift, an item that will make quite the statement in the dorm room....

but in the short term will be proudly displayed in the current  bedroom!

Of course as the son of a designer, Ryan's dorm room is going to be well pulled together, I hope his roomie is good with that!!!

Follow my Pinterest board "The Next Phase" to see all of the things that I am collecting as we embark upon this time. I was especially enamored of this site, whose name  is quite irreverent, (so much so that I won't say it here)  but which has real life content regarding dorm room decor!
 UW Madison even has a facebook page dedicated to best UW dorm rooms.

No doubt you will be seeing future posts about how to decorate a dorm room so stay tuned.
What clever ideas do you have for high school graduation gifts or dorm decor?

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Linda {Calling it Home} said...

Congratulations! I just went over to that site. That language always cracks me up, but I don't think I would post it on my blog, either. Who knew guys got into dorm decor like the girls?

Karen Albert said...

Kathy you must be so proud! I can't believe the Banner pillow and all of the great items and colors for his dorm room!

Art by Karena

Andrea said...

Cathy, congratulations to your handsome son. You must be so proud! Love that pillow. What a great gift.

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