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Thursday, December 30, 2010

In need of a Room Rx

A while back a friend contacted me about some help for her living room.  She was tired of the matching leather upholstery and had recently acquired a piano.  It was time for this room to "grow up."  A little research on her part had turned up this Ikat settee and natural fiber rug.


Despite the great start and her wonderful sense of style, the small sized room, window and door openings and high ceilings had her perplexed.  This is the perfect situation for a Room Rx, especially since this room is in another state and my client loves to do things herself and really just needs a little know how and a plan. 

"Stylishly Casual" was the goal so, between many e-mails, phone conversations and shared photos, the ideas began germinating.  What fun this project is, as I have been wanting to work with the gray and yellow color scheme and love Ikats!  Stay tuned as I share the Design Concept Board, a little "Design 101" on Ikat fabrics and ultimately the finished room, as things are well under way. 

Does your room need a “prescription” for a change of decor, function or design? If so please contact me.

1 comment:

r.gorey said...

Even the Mr. agrees this room needs a makeover after looking at this photos. He agreed the couch looks very tired. Goodbye bachelor couch!

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