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Monday, December 6, 2010

On Line Magazines

 Admittedly, I LOVE design magazines and for years have subscribed, at one time or another, to just about every one that has existed.  I am also hard pressed to toss them when I am done reading them, as I mentioned here.  As a result,  I have stacks and stacks of magazines around my house, which I refer to for inspiration when I am working on a project or when I am just in need of a creative jolt.

Over the past couple of years many print magazines have ceased to be published as the economy, and the use of the internet as a news source have made it difficult for them to be profitable.  In the wake of this has come a  wave of new on-line magazines (or what I call  E-magazines.)  The first design magazine of this type that I became aware of was Lonny which has recently celebrated one year of publishing.  There are now several others, a few of which you can check out by clicking on them on my sidebar under "E-magazines."  The idea is very interactive as within the feature stories as well as the advertising, you can click on a link and go directly to a website or blog associated with that story or ad. Some of them even have a means for which you can clip or save the story that is of interest to you.

The fact is, while I  really enjoy reading these E-magazines and will relish their continued publication in this fashion (my magazine stacks will not be growing at the same rate as in the past,) I still like those good old glossy magazines!  Thankfully I can subscribe to a couple of them and get the glossy version as well as the on-line version.

What do you think?  Have you read any of these publications and joined the E-magazine trend?

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