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Thursday, December 16, 2010

A project for the new year

Christmas is not even over and I find myself already thinking about 2011, my goals, dreams and to-do list! Inspired by a shoebox full of vintage family photos, an article in  Sweet Paul and an image of photos in an apothocary jar, I have promised myself to finally display some of these treasures around my home.  A couple of Christmases ago, I made my brother a mixed media collage using some of the photos, ( I tried to find the photo I took of it, unfotunately it was not to be in the mess of my photo files) but I have yet to do more. 
The assortment of photos summons up memories of sitting on the couch with my grandpa, "Benny" and sifting through them as he told stories about the people and places depicted.  Fortunately "Benny" labeled many of these treasures, so while I do not remember everything he told me, there is usually a tickler on the back to get me thinking.  So much inspiration in these links, the ideas are swirling, so tune back in after the new year and see what I have come up with!

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