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Monday, January 24, 2011

Week-end furniture

This is where I spent my time this past week-end...(figuratively not literally) as my 3 kiddos all play basketball and between them there were 6 games on Friday and Saturday.  With the hubby gone (winter camping...brrrr) I was the solo "Wall Family Fan Club" member attending and was able to see 5 of the 6 games. 

While I do love to watch my kids play ball, my bottom gets tired of "bleacher butt."  I think most bleachers were built for kids and their shorter, smaller frames and not for long legged people like me. I'll get over it quick though because, lucky for me, my hubby, Tom and I have a getaway planned to the Big Apple next week-end, yippee!  I think my bum will be much more comfortable perched here:

or here:

We are staying at the iconic Waldorf Astoria (gotta love those Hilton points amassed from the hubby's out of town work assignment,) a New York City luxury lodging institution for over 100 years.  While the traditional decor pictured is not my style, I can certainly appreciate and enjoy the elegant surroundings and comfy looking furnishings. Our adventure to NYC will be short and busy, we'll take in a Broadway show, a couple of museums, visits with a few family members and a home decor store or two (a bit of arm twisting was necessary for this.)  I'll be armed with my camera (and my rather inadequate photography skills,) so that I can share the sights with you, my "armchair traveler" friends.  Lots to do to get out of "dodge"..... so, just letting you know this will be a short week of posting for me, today through Wednesday.

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Rene said...

What a treat! Mr. & I just got away for night and it was blissful. Yes, I know bleacher butt all too well and how they don't pair well with long legs.
Thanks for the tip about company store.


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