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Thursday, February 3, 2011

1 + {5} = Inspired: Over-Dyed Rugs

Ever since our visit to ABC Carpet and Home last week, I have had those spectacular over-dyed rugs "on the brain."  So much so that I just had to fool around with them ...and I struggled to keep it to 4 additional items so I cheated and made it 5 today!  Hope you enjoy....
Indigo Bedroom

Scarlet Sitting

Peacock Dining

Bed Bath & Beyond - Lenox Simply Fine Chirp Dinnerware,
terrain oak dining table - ABC Carpet & Home,
cobble hill clark cotton arm chair - ABC Carpet & Home,
chandeliers | Shop Greige
Color Reform 8'6" x 9'9": Color Reform oriental rugs runner rugs...
Double Happiness Tall Sideboard

The rugs being as bold and interesting as they are matched up well with clean lined, more modern furniture.  I picture each of these rooms with deeper hued walls, so the pops of white and neutral keep things from being too heavy and dark.  Add a dash of the unexpected in the form of another color, and there you go, inspired!

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1 comment:

r.gorey said...

I'll take one of each please. I Love the peacock room!! Great job! Great eye!!

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