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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Displaying Photographic Art

After posting about Carolee Euritt Salat's's photographs last week here and here, I had a reader with a great question:

I love abstract photography! How would you work these photos into an interior that's transitional, but has nothing else this contemporary?

I think photography, like art, is something that can work in any style of decor and how it is displayed is as personal as the photographs themselves.  That said, I have shared ideas previously on creative means of displaying family photos, many of which I think could work for any type of photograph.  In order to best answer the question, I wanted to find and share some additional ideas for displaying photographic art such as Carolee's.

This first picture is a perfect example, the photos themselves taking center stage due to their color story, size and lack of frame.  The orderly grid display and color of the chest further enhance and tie together the look.

Although these examples are of portraits, canvas wrapped and hung in a block would work well too provided the right photos were displayed together, all abstracts, all landscapes, you get the idea.
 Mint Photography
 Alldrin Photography

These are more contemporary displays but note the framing, it is simple, all the same color and has no mat.
DLK Collection

The unifying effects here are the horizontal line and the fact that the photos are all black and white.  The room's decor definitely takes it's cue from the photos.
Homes and Gardens 

The three images below show photos identically sized and framed and hung in a grid.  The look is classic and contemporary at the same time.

2 images Via {Laura Winslow Photography} 

No hard and fast rules here, just lots of ways to make the photographic art important as well as the centerpiece of a room.  What have you done to display your art photos?  Send me a photo and let me know, I'd love to share here on Room Rx!

Does your room need a “prescription” for a change of decor, function or design? If so please contact me,
I would love to help!


Jenn said...

Photo grids make me SO HAPPY! Something about how symmetrical they are. I also really like the photo display ledge pictured above.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for addressing my question in this post! Your examples are very helpful.


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