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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Room Rx: A Workspace for Two

Last week I wrote about the office space in my home and the little "fix me up" needed to help the room become more functional, organized and of course better looking.  Like many projects we embark upon, this one is a low budget, use what you have, buy only neccesities kind of project.  The needed purchases will be a large, long desk or table, a couple of chairs and some sort of wall mounted storage. The room is already painted Benjamin Moore's Princeton Gold (which I am considering changing), has window treatments in the form of wood blinds and a valence and is outfitted with not only built-in shelves but a pair of teak bookcases.

Hold on to your bootstraps, I am going to be brave and let you see the before, a messy, cluttered, hub of activity, complete with the built-in "corner" desk that I've never liked...

The desk pictured below is a teak Mid-Century beauty that was my Dad's, unfortunately, it just doesn't work in this room because of it's size and the fact that two of us need to work in here. So for now, into storage it goes.

The wood blinds and valence which will be incorporated into the design. The source for the gold orange and navy color scheme (though from these photos it's hard to see those colors).

So onto the Design Concept Board, you are seeing it before my client (Hubby) so this may change a little bit.  He has agreed to the desks from Ikea as well as the idea of trying to give 3 different file cabinets a similar look with paint and paper (yup, I am going to embark on a DIY project).  I'm still not sure if he will go for a rug on the hardwood floor, time will tell. I have a couple of vintage lamps that I plan to paint and update (oh yes, more DIY) and I'm still undecided about the wall storage and memo boards. I already have the gold fabric.

I showed Hubby this gorgeous version of the Ikea desk and he was not going for it, he did not like the rough hewn wood for writing on.  It sure looks good though doesn't it?


This is the inspiration for the file cabinet make-overs:

I like the idea of using pegboard for getting things off of the desk and may try to incorporate it.
 Real Simple

The two wood chairs in the before photos may also get a makeover with paint and cushions to create a little seating area by the window.  So as you can see my friends, I have my work cut out for me, especially since I am committing to all of these DIY projects.  Thankfully "my client" is along for the ride and will lend a hand, so stay tuned and wish me/us luck!

Does your room need a “prescription” for a change of decor, function or design? If so please contact me,
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Jenn said...

I love this mood board -- I really like your color scheme. It's too bad your husband doesn't like the rough hewn desk because it AMAZING! Looking forward to seeing this project progress.

Corie Drane said...

Mood boards gives you a better idea on what to do for your workspace redecoration project, especially in terms of wall color, placement of furniture, and the general mood of the place. Based on what you've made there, it seems that the space will look livelier when it's finally done.

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