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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Pastels

I think I can safely say that Spring is actually here!!! The temperatures are finally seasonal, my daffodils have popped up (and seem to have survived the new roof) and the biggest indicator of all things seasonal, Spring sports have begun!  We now trade the indoor basketball bleachers for the outdoor sports variety, shuttling from baseball games and practices to track meets and back again.  Despite those 50 - 60 degree days, a couple of hours in the stands and I am freezing my fanny off.  Too bad I took my down coat to the dry cleaners...

If this photo doesn't say spring with it's lovely pastel colors I don't know what does...

I am not normally a fan of pastel rooms, but truly, after finding these images, I could be persuaded...
Dreamy Whites is a very inspiring blog with amazing photography and mouthwatering rooms, I could easily lose a lot of time over there!
{3 images} Dreamy Whites

I like what a little pop of red does for this space.
{via} Decor8

Check out these sophisticated pastel spaces...
Elle Decor 
{via} The Lenox 

How about the pink stove and fridge?!!! Cute and beachy...
Tracey Rapisardi via Coastal Living

So that's it for my eye candy for today.  What do you think, are pastel colors for you?  Are there any spaces in your home where pastels reign?  Do tell!

Does your room need a “prescription” for a change of decor, function or design? If so please contact me,
I would love to help!


Evie said...

ahh I just totally geeked out about that stove and fridge...I swear if I thought I was going to live as a single lady forever I would totally get them...but the idea I'm sure would horrify any dude in my future!

Sarah said...

Hey, Cathy! Lovely images!! I can't wait for it to be more spring-like around here! We had good weather this weekend and got outside, but we had snow just last week!

But more importantly, what do you think of Ashley as the new Bachelorette?~

karen @ our slo house said...

The soft pastel colors seem so romantic in images; however, they don't seem so *fantastic* when they're in my own home. So no. We don't have anything pastel.

In fact, this time around, we're going for natural elements: woods, concrete, metal, white tile, etc.

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