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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Trad Home

There is a new kid on the block,  Trad Home, the online, hip off shoot of Traditional Home.  A collaboration between Traditional Home's Editor in Chief, Ann Omvig Maine and Lonny editors Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline, the e-magazine is aiming to attract a younger reader, yet still embody a more "traditional" design aesthetic.  They did not disappoint, the first issue was chock full of inspiring interiors and profiles 20 "Trad" designers that are worth watching.  Grab a cup o' joe and get on over there to check it out...plan for a bit of time to soak it all up, it's a long issue with lots of eye candy!

I grabbed these three images as it struck me that rarely in a shelter magazine have rooms been featured that are built around this large piece of furniture: (apologies for the tiny photos, click on the numbered link for a better view) 

It seems that "traditional" embodies not only a look, but a function that will withstand the test of time. Sectionals are without a doubt functional, so there is no reason why a designer can't embrace using them to create a great room!

I think this is an issue I will be visiting a number of times as I take it all in, but so far I am impressed.  What do you think about Trad Home, but more importantly, online magazines in general?  Did you know that you can go directly to several of my favorite digital magazines from the "E-Magazines" sidebar on the left side of Room Rx?

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