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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Container Gardening

Every year I plant about a dozen containers around the exterior of my house, 4-5 on my front stoop and the rest around my patio.  I love to experiment with the various plants, combinations and arrangements.  Typically, I group several containers together to maximize the impact and often I will use not just annuals, but perennials and shrubs.  We have had an uncommonly cold and wet spring this year so my pots are not yet done.  Yesterday, the pendulum swung and we had an almost 90 degree day, making me anxious to get my planting finished.  While I am no garden expert, I do enjoy this springtime ritual and will snap some photos of my completed pots, until then, here are a few containers that I find inspiring.

This is my color combo, the lime green, coral and purple. Fuchsia works well on my stoop due to the lack of sun until the afternoon.

Love the topiary tree with underplanting in this pot....

A variety of plant sizes, colors and shapes or as they say at the garden store, a filler, a thriller and a spiller make a container!

I love the look of a single plant type in a single container, high impact.

Groupings of containers should have a similar theme and color story.
3 images Sunset Magazine

There are lots of things to consider when deciding which plants to use.  Over the years I have found a few favorites that work well in my light and planting conditions, but I like to change things up and find that utilizing the expertise of the folks at my local garden center is quite helpful.  I typically will purchase a few of the more unusual plants at the garden center and then head to Home Depot or even the grocery store for the more common varieties as they are often cheaper there.  

I have done my planning and purchasing and now need to execute. It is going to rain again today, so I'd best get after it.... have a great Tuesday folks!

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Orange it Lovely said...

I love love using pots for perenials..especially when grouping. Great inspirational pics!!!

Jenn said...

I LOVE the color scheme you've chosen. Your post has also reminded me that I need to stop being lazy and actually get my containers planted. My front stairs are so much more welcoming with the addition of colorful planters!

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