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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Adirondack chairs

After a busy 4th of July week-end spent with family and friends in gorgeous weather here in Madison, it's time to get back to my "to do" list. On the hunt for a couple of Adirondack chairs to add to the pair we already have on our patio, I have been looking locally for suitable options. I decided to expand my search on-line, and curious, I thought I would try to better understand the chair's history, which I had heard bits and pieces about over the years.
Getty Images via 6th Floor Blog, NY Times 

Lore has it that the iconic design emerged from somewhere in the Adirondack Mountains in NY and was created to enhance viewing of the nearby mountains, especially if the chair was placed on a hill, allowing the person seated to maintain an upright position.  The unofficial history of the chair goes back to 1903, Westport, NY and a man named Thomas Lee who apparently was attempting to create a comfortable chair for use at his Summer cottage. His final design was made from one board, cut into large, wide pieces with a slanted seat and back and is called the Westport Adirondack Chair.

In 1905, a man by the name of Harry Bunnell applied for a patent for this chair.  Bunnel was a hunting friend of Lee's and was given the design by Lee as a helpful means for generating income during the lean Winter months at his Westport carpentry shop. It seems Mr. Lee was initially unaware of the patent application and never tried to do anything about it. Bunnel continued to manufacture and sell the "Westport Adirondack Chair" chair for the next 25 years, stamped with the patent number.
{via} 6th Floor Blog, NY Times
Westport Adirondack chair by Clark's Outdoor Chairs

As with many classic designs, the Adirondack Chair has evolved and changed over the years being interpreted and tweaked to enhance it's comfort and appearance. Fan backs with a curve, less of a slant, regular legs instead of long, sloping legs, a wide variety of wood types, a rainbow of colors, today, the sky's the limit for options.  In finding the perfect Adirondack Chair, it seems one is only limited by their bank account!

My chairs
Both an Etsy search and a Google search have turned up many choices for me, with Clarks Outdoor Chairs  having the most comprehensive number of more classic options.  While I am not trying to match the pair I already own, I would like a complementary look. If you happen to be in the market for Adirondack Chairs, today is your lucky day as I have rounded up quite an assortment for us to ponder.
First up, a very modern interpretation....
Nyen Designs

A couple more artistic versions...
Bonefish 1

This one could be my favorite for coordinating with the two on my patio...
Woodstock Farm

I also really like these, made from recycled materials, though I am not sure my bank account does....
 Room and Board

Then there are the chairs made with more unusual materials....
ADK Ski Chairs

If you are a motivated "DIY-er", there are tons of plans out there for building your own Adirondack Chairs, I especially like these on Ana White's blog.

Now to decide my approach, which color and and whether to buy local or order online.... Sometimes I feel it is a curse to have so many options available right at my fingertips!  What do you think?  I would love your "two cents!"

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Kathysue said...

Cathy I learned a lot this morning. I never thought much about the Adirondack chair before, very interesting. They always look like they won't be comfy to me and then I sit in it and it is verrry comfy. Pretty amazing design. Kathysue

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I used to have a pair and loved them but they didn't suit the style of our current home. I ended up giving them to my mom who lives on a small lake, they are just perfect for that type of setting. I agree with Kathysue, they don't look it, but they are pretty comfy.

Jenn said...

What a great and interesting post! I love Adirondack chairs, and actually spent a lot of quality time this weekend in one :).

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Who would have thought that an the Adirondack chair would have such an interesting past?!?
Love your showcase of all the unique versions.

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

I'm a huge fan of the Adirondack chairs. I always like to buy local unless there's such a financial motivation to do otherwise that I can't resist. I love that chair with the wave.

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