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Friday, July 8, 2011

Fresh Fabrics Friday: Suzani by Donghia

Fascinated by Ikats, Suzani's and more traditional and ethnic textiles, I am drawn to modern interpretations.  Suzani by Donghia has made the rounds of the design world, shown in blogs, magazines and the like and with good reason, it is just beautiful.  The bold, but appropriate color combinations, the fact that it is made from rayon, silk and polyester and the pattern is woven in rather than printed, this is an impressive textile with a price tag to match. Produced in 4 beautiful colorways (with descriptive and perfect names) Donghia's Suzani is one one of those textiles where a little can go a long way.
Pink Passion
Blue Bliss
Green Envy
Ivory Innocence

So how to make this fabric work and justify the steep price?  Art is not cheap, so why not frame a couple of pieces of this stunning fabric instead and call it a day?

How about on a small chair, used at either end of a Dining Room table?

So this is not the same fabric, (close but no cigar) but how about just using it on the inside of a wing chair?
SB Digs

The seat of a small chair is a good spot to use it...
Angie Hranowsky Design Studio
Of course there are always pillows and cushions, which require smaller amounts of fabric, but can make enormous impact....
And honestly, if you've got it, flaunt it...how about  on six chairs in a sun room!!!!

Jeffrey Allen for Kathleen Hayes Designs

Well, a girl can dream can't she?  Maybe I'll give ebay a go and find Donghia's Suzani at a bargain price....

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Well, you are on the cutting edge...Martin used the framed Suzani on last nights episode of MMD! I have always loved that fabric from Donghia

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