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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Color of the Moment: Special Guest - Jenn from A Home in the Making

Today's guest, Jenn from A Home in the Making is blog-friend that I have gotten to know through both her blog and her many insightful and wonderful comments.  Jenn has a darling home that she and her husband are transforming project by project and injecting with a fun, charming look. Her blog has lots of stories about the process as well as fabulous tutorials, so be sure to head over and check it out.

Hello Room Rx readers! I'm Jenn from A Home in the Making, and I am so excited to join you here on Cathy’s lovely blog while she is off enjoying her vacation! I have always enjoyed Cathy’s color-of-the-moment posts. She pulls together the most lovely mood boards based on that week’s chosen colors, and they’re always so interesting and inspiring! I love color, and have been working on incorporating it more into my life, so I jumped at the opportunity to feature a color when Cathy asked me to write a guest post.

One of my favorite colors in the world is orange. Bold? Yes. Full of character? Absolutely. Proven ability to add a shot of life to a room and its existing color scheme? You bet!

The great thing about orange is that you can build an entire room around the color, and it'll be a vibrant, sunny space.

Okay, those might be a little extreme! But even less saturated, orange adds a lovely and happy burst of color. Me? This is my favorite way to use orange, and it's how we use it in my home.

Our bedroom, above, is mostly grey and white, and the lovely dwell studio duvet and pillow covers add a great shot of orange. Below are some of my favorite examples from around the internet of how much life just a touch of orange can bring to a space:

Are you convinced that you need to add a touch of orange in your space? Hopefully you noticed in the above examples that orange pairs well with any neutral: grey, blacks and browns. So, can you easily incorporate orange into your current decor? My advice is to start small: a pillow, a tea towel, or a tray are a great start! Below are a few of my favorite orange home decor items, and hopefully they'll give you a great jumping off point.

1. muelu and jones, 2. anthropologie 3. crate and barrel 4. kainkain  5. cb2 6. west elm

I would love to hear from you guys! Do you use orange in your house? What's your go to room-brightening color?

Thanks for taking on "Color of the Moment" Jenn.  I just love orange and you have not only shown us how to make it work, but shared some great finds!  P.S. Your bedroom has the perfect dose of orange!


Lisa - A Room with A View said...

Very pretty shades of orange and lovely pics - all inspirational. I am using shades of orange in my 13-yr-old's room, base color blue. She loves it and so do I. Great post!

hollyG said...

I love a new blog and it looks like Jenn and I have a lot in common with our love of orange. Looking forward to checking out her blog. And I really like that pendant lamp from Crate & Barrel - I used that when I was playing around with my first design board.

Meredith said...

I'm a huge fan of Jenn's blog and the color orange! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. :)

Abi said...

I've been going round and round about doing a grass green + orangeish color palette for my living room! I don't know why I normally run from orange?!

Lauren | Myers Maison said...

Orange is a great color! Wonderful examples of how to use it, Jenn!

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