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Friday, January 20, 2012

Fresh Fabric Friday: What would you do?

In the interest of trying to keep things "fresh" here at Room Rx, today I am going to throw it out to all of you, so put on your thinking caps, we are going to play with fabrics together!

Pictured below is the fabric my client has chosen for her windows, it is an embroidered linen from Robert Allen's Williamsburg Classics Collection that I wrote about here..... 
We have looked at lots of fabrics and I think we have zeroed in on one to go with it, but as my Dad used to say, "there is more than one way to skin a cat!"  
Sooo....your challenge it to is to show off your creativity and great taste and tell me what one fabric you would pair with it!

Here are a few other elements to consider:
1) This is for the Dining Room picture below: 

2) The rug is a wool sisal with a 6" band of a small scale, terra cotta colored fabric similar to this pattern
(but as you can see, more red and less brown, like this....sorry could not find the exact fabric):
3) The fabric would be used on host chairs at either end of the table.

4) Don't worry, the walls are going to be painted, creamy white on the soon to be, paneled wainscoting below, and a faux grasscloth treatment above in Benjamin Moore's Wythe Blue:

5) The DR opens up to a large Family Room where we are continuing with a similar color palette which is best depicted in this fabric (this will become pillows in that room):

6) For one last bit of inspiration, here is the window treatment fabric with the rug...

So what would you do?  How would you tie it all together? Do you have a favorite fabric that would work just perfectly? Leave a comment or send me an email. Share links, photos, whatever it takes to express your thoughts and ideas. I can't wait to see what you come up with and will share it all with you next week. Who knows....maybe my client will even run with your choice...!

Does your room need a “prescription” for a change of decor, function or design If so please contact me, I would love to help your room feel better with a Design Concept Board or a complete Room Rx.


pam {simple details} said...

Nothing immediately comes to mind, I need to think about this one! :)

Holly said...

Oooh I love this Cathy...I think I'd try to sneak a floral or botanical in there if the fabric is going to be used on the host chairs. And probably something in that would bring in some of that lighter green in the stripe (at least it looks kind of pear green)

Perhaps this from Dwell Studio: http://www.calicocorners.com/product/designer+fabrics+for+the+home/more+fabric+collections/dwellstudio/vintage+plumes+-+dwell+studio+fabrics+-+jade.do

Are the table and chairs remaining the same dark stain?

Or maybe something like this for the chairs although specs say light use furniture: http://www.calicocorners.com/product/designer+fabrics+for+the+home/shop+fabrics+by+color/green/somerset+botanical+mist.do

Sarah said...

Oooh, this is fun, Cathy! I'll have to go looking but I'm with Holly on a large scale botanical. I'd choose something with a light background, that hopefully has all 3 of your other colors in it - the beige/oatmeal, terracotta and blue:)

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Oooooh! A challenge!
I'll give it some thought...

My Crafty Home-Life said...

Hello, I'm a new follower. I am going to just go for it here...take the ones you like, chuck the rest. First, the bottom half of the walls; "Nate" says you should not paint it white unless you have an actual treatment (ie. wainscoting, board & baton, planks, etc). So, I would add a layer of one of those and paint it white. Next, I would paint (I am so sorry, and hopefully you will respect that it is only a suggestion) that buffet. Your hutch is so beautiful!! The close, but not a match with the credenza, is bothering me. Finally, I would continue that window fabric (LOVE) into the family room. Maybe window treatment in there? The rug is stunning. Can't wait to see what you do.

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