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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Color of the Moment: mossy green

The other day I received a surprise in my inbox, photos that my "blog friend" (see definition at the end of post) Pam from Simple Details took. She was enjoying a hike near her home in Denver and came across a couple of scenes where she was inspired by the colors and thought of my regular "Color of the Moment" feature! I am not sure that she knew that green is my favorite color, nor did she anticipate that I would actually do a post using her shot, but seeing the mossy green attached to this rock, I too was inspired.

The look pulled together in the room below makes subtle use of green despite the paint on the wall and the bold fabric choice on the wing chairs. The rustic beams and stained wood door keep the room casual, the perfect place to enjoy conversation and the warmth of a fire (and maybe a glass of wine!).

mossy green

blog friend: noun /'frend/ A person, met through the act of writing a "web log" or blog, an on-line journal, with whom an attachment involving affection and esteem is formed. This happens exclusively in writing, through leaving thoughtful blog comments and engaging in email conversations. Amazing connections are made and kind acts follow suit.

Have you marveled at the relationships formed through blogging?  Who knew?!

P.S. Pam is one talented lady with quite an eye for anything design related and a list of DIY projects that will knock your socks off, so if you have never visited Simple Details, today is the day, go have a look. You will thank me for sending you there.....!

Does your room need a “prescription” for a change of decor, function or design? If so please contact me, I would love to help your room feel better with a Room Rx.


Holly said...

Well that is a fun idea and so nice to use Pam's photo as inspiration. I've always loved green as well and this particular shade of green is full of life. I also found a few new products from your board that I really like as well. Ah, my blog friends, a perfect description. Who would have thought that the written (ok typed) word would form such wonderful friendships!

pam {simple details} said...

I recognized that photo in my google reader, crazy but I just love that mossy rock! :) Your color board perfectly incorporates a natural rustic feel with fresh modern pieces!

You need to make a print of the 'blog friend' definition, it would be a pinterest hit!

Back at you sweet blog friend!!

Andrea said...

That first picture really captured my attention! I love the design board. Pam is a such sweetheart and quite the photographer too!

Lisa - A Room with A View said...

That is quite a vibrant shade of green on the rocks. You did great with the board as usual, Cathy! I have had a couple of similar shades and lighter in my home although I have changed a couple of these to different colors. I love the orange against it - it ties into my Spring Into Action project which will be revealed in time!

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