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Monday, January 17, 2011

For the Birds

Hunting down some fabrics for a client, I came across a couple with interesting peacock feather patterns:

Which reminded me of the Dwell Studio bedding that has been on my "Loving" list for some time (and which unfortunately will not end up in my home anytime soon unless I win the lottery and the husband changes his mind and suddenly loves large floral patterns with birds)....
So sensing a peacock "mini trend" I did some sleuthing and found lots of interesting peacock themed home decor, art, gifts etc.  Here are a few of my favorites:

You know how it is when something is on your radar and suddenly you see more and more of it when normally you might not notice it at all? That's how it is with peacocks for me these days.  And not only have I been drawn to the bird and the feathers (which can be amazingly graphic), but the colors.... peacock blue, deep green, turquoise, magenta, gold.....bold, rich, statement colors.

So how would you translate this trend into a room design?  Look at this sophisticated nursery design for first time mom and Copy Cat Chic blogger  Reichel's soon to be arriving baby girl.  Here is Reichel's initial design board...

I love that she chose to use Dwell Studio's fabrics, graphic patterns and an unconventional color scheme for her baby's room.  She does not go overboard, but gives a nod to the whole peacock theme by using a few carefully selected items such as fabric, artwork and a lampshade. The room is not quite done, but here is a progress update and a few photos:

I can't wait to see the finished nursery!  This is going to be one awesome room for Reichel,  her hubby and their baby girl to hang out in.  Stay tuned at Copy Cat Chic!

I think I like this little peacock trend and will continue to keep my radar tuned in to it.  What do you think?   

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I would love to help!

1 comment:

Rene said...

Love those bird inspired fabrics. Now I need to check out the nursery.


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