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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Framed Doily Gallery

OK people, I did not let my decorating ADD get in the way of completing this project, I am done (for now) and sharing.... I did not shoot a bunch of how-to photos or make a tutorial, this was a simple, no-brainer project.  All that was required were a handful of black frames, some large sheets of black paper (both from Michaels) and a collection of crocheted doilies.  No fancy steps or instructions, just cut the paper to fit the frame and insert the doilie, simple....  I did lay things out on the floor before putting nails in the wall, but even that was not too complicated as I only had 5 frames to hang.

Here is the wall, sad and unadorned for almost 5 years:

And my low cost, use what you have and make it work solution:


Overall, I am pleased with how this wall turned out, I plan to add to it over time and will tweak the accessorizing of the table etc. I like the graphic pop of the black and cream and think this gives these old doilies a new life, what do you think?

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