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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Room Rx: "Ugly Room " Sneak Peek

It's been awhile, but you may remember this room from the "Ugly Room Contest" which I shared with you back in February...

 And my Design Concept board:
Seaglass Serenity

My client is keeping me on top of the progress and she is doing a fabulous job, so today I want to share a couple of "sneak peeks" at what she has pulled together so far from my Room Rx...

She picked up the artwork from Pier 1 as well as some new bed linens to coordinate with the overall color scheme and the fabrics I sent her:

 First she sampled the paint on the wall to be certain of the color (good girl!)

Then she painted the room and all of the trim.  When that was completed, she built herself an upholstered headboard using a drop cloth...

Things have progressed from this point, but since this is just a "peek" I'll stop here today. I just love her enthusiasm and "can do" attitude for this project and think she is doing a wonderful job pulling it all together.  I can't wait to share photos of the completed room, so stay tuned!
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A Delightful Design said...

I love the board you've created! This is going to be a beautiful room.

kbkarelis said...

love, love, love the seaglass serenity theme! in fact, i'm using a similar inspiration for my own bedroom re-do projet and have been searching for a blue color for the walls that's relaxing without being too dull. i haven't found the perfect shade yet, but it looks like you have - can you tell me what you're using? thx!

Cathy Wall said...

Here are the three I recommended, all by Sherwin Williams:
SW6212 Quietude, SW6219 Rain and SW 6205 Comfort Gray.

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