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Friday, April 1, 2011

Fresh Fabrics Friday: Ty Pennington Impressions

After featuring Galbraith & Paul's Zinnia on the last Fresh Fabrics Friday, I was contacted by a reader interested in using it for window treatments in her soon to be renovated kitchen.  Because it is a hand block printed fabric and quite pricey, she felt she needed a more affordable option.   Lucky for her I came across a pattern that bears some resemblance to Zinnia, and it is patterned after an original block print.  Ty Pennington is the designer behind this fabric and he is all over the home decor marketplace these days with offerings of furniture, which I posted about here and now his new fabric line, Ty Pennington Impressions.

Have a look at Blossom in Chartreuse:

And here is Zinnia in Sky just for comparison:
A very similar vibe, one is an actual hand blocked print, the other based on a block print design, both are florals and have a similar color scheme.
Check out the other colorways available:
You know how I love those block prints...so I am including a shot of the process.  Here is Ty experimenting with the handmade block stamps he used to create the patterns that make up the Impressions fabric line:

Ty Pennington Impressions 

Now the best part of all of this?  Not only are there great patterns and interesting colors, these fabrics are incredibly affordable and available in different weights for both home decorating as well as quilting and crafts.  The medium, home decor weight, 100% cotton sateen, retails at $16.99 per yard and is on sale at Fabric.com through April 4th for $12.99 per yard! The lighter, quilting weight fabric is even more of a bargain, on sale from $10.99 per yard at $7.99.

And how about this laminated fabric?  The regular price is $20.99 and again through April 4th it is on sale for $17.99 per yard.  How cool to make storage bins from this or to cover the cushion on a banquette?  Just wipe that puppy off with a damp rag! 
Moorish - Chartreuse 100% cotton laminate
Kimono - Spice 100% cotton laminate 

Now I have to say, I am not normally a fan of using a prescribed grouping of fabric or furniture because it is a little too "matchy-matchy" and not "collected" enough for my taste.  However, used with a light hand, on the right project, I might actually consider putting a couple of these in the same room.... or maybe adjoining rooms!
Bamboo Stripe - Chartreuse
Wave - Chartreuse

Or maybe on a pillow together...
Check out the Impressions website, you can see all of the patterns, lots of great projects and even a video of Ty explaining his design process for the line.  
I promise, next week I'll try to venture outside of the whole block printed fabric category.  I'm open to suggestions, what needs do you have for fabric in your home?  Is there something you have been looking for but can't find? Let me know and I'll get to work.....

Does your room need a “prescription” for a change of decor, function or design? If so please contact me,
I would love to help!

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LiveLikeYou said...

Hi Cathy, Great new fabric source!! Didn't know he had a line. Love the chartreuse blossom. Will definitely bookmark his site-great price too!

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