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Monday, April 18, 2011

Home Office Inspiration

My home has a wonderful little office space just off of the foyer.  Unfortunately it has been very neglected in the few years since we have moved into this house.  My husband occasionally works from home and now that I am a "blogger" and doing "e-design" we both seem to spend quite a bit of time in there (or at least I do, as often I make him take his laptop and work in the kitchen so I can spread out).  I have never liked the built in desk or how our furniture works in the room, in addition,  it is truly an unorganized mess, so much so that I need to clean it up a bit so that I can share photos!

The room is 11.5' x 9', and has built-in cabinets, hardwood floors, a large window and one long, empty wall.  I've finally convinced the hubby that we need to tear out the built-in corner desk and create one long work space that the two of us can comfortably use together.  We have room to create a 10' "desk" with room for 3 filing cabinets underneath and some wall storage above.  I consider my husband the client here, so the first step in this project is to find and share some inspiration photos with him (and you, my faithful readers). 

I love the clean look of all of the white in this space as well as the long, uninterrupted work surface.  We already have enough open shelving with the built-in cabinets and a couple of existing bookcases, so the wall storage will probably be closed cabinetry.

Lots of white again, but the wood desk top really warms this office up.  I also LOVE the bulletin board.

The "L" shape of the desk seems like a good idea, we'll have to see...

Wallpaper is a fabulous idea for the workspace wall, now to convince the hubby....

The overall style if this office is more to my liking. The rustic wood top for this desk really appeals to me and I like the "gallery wall" above.  And then there are the Lucite chairs, yummy! I wonder how comfy those are?!

Finally some closed wall storage!  Our reality probably has us using a couple of desks or tables instead of one long work surface and I like how this looks:

The next steps for our little design project are to create a Design Concept Board and to source the products that will go into the office, then to share it all with my "client."  Stay tuned!

Does your room need a “prescription” for a change of decor, function or design? If so please contact me,
I would love to help!


Evie said...

Those lucite chairs look awesome but I can't imagine that they would be nice to sit on for too long! Good luck with your office...mine is in desperate need of some re-arranging right now!

Jenn said...

Beautiful examples of offices! I really like the one by Delight by Design. The two separate spaces is nice, and the pops of color are fun.

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