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Monday, May 19, 2014

Project Downsize

This Spring has been a busy time for me, amid lots of life's happenings, 
 some fun client jobs and the ORC, I have been busy with a very special project, 
helping my wonderful in-laws with a downsize. 

After living for more than 40 years in a home they built, and thinking about downsizing for the past few years, they found a fabulous town home a mere 3 blocks from their existing home. 
Of course Therese and I were enlisted to help wipe out the builder grade, vanilla box look and we were thrilled to oblige.

Let's start with a quick "before" tour of the place. 
The rooms are spacious and the sloped ceilings really add to the airy feel. 
Tops on the list of changes is replacing the carpeting in the main living area with hardwood. 
Good thing my TWBIL has skills.....

There will be a few light fixtures getting changed....

The kitchen, while small, is very functional but needs new appliances as well as a facelift.

My inlaws were up for changing their look, but I didn't want to "throw out the baby with the bathwater," as they had some lovely, well made pieces that it made sense to work with.

So to begin, I assessed their existing furnishings, took photos and measurements and even snipped fabric samples. This chair and it's partner became the launching point for the new LR decor.

With hardwood floors going in, the first thing we chose was a rug. We needed a large one
(at least 10 x 14') and after searching high and low while trying to get the look right as well as the price with-in reason, we stumbled upon a couple of options from Pottery Barn.

We settled on the Bryson, which while traditional on style, with it's more up to date colors was just the fresh look we needed.

Next up, we selected fabrics, paint and a few materials for the kitchen.

Furniture plans were created, window treatments designed, fabric ordered, and light fixtures selected.
One positive aspect of this project has been that we had time on our side. We were able to not only get work done in the new place prior to the move, but to fully assess what would get moved and what needed to be purchased, right down to the accessories and window coverings.

The best part of the project so far? Spending time working with my SIL and my mother and father inlaw. Therese and I make such a team that we have been dubbed by my FIL as "The Committee." 
No decision was made without approval from "The Committee!"

Stay tuned for more on Project Downsize. The move has already happened and the town home, while not 100% complete, looks nearly good enough for a party. "The Committee" is still working on some finishing touches to the main living areas and kitchen and I will be sharing it all with you. 


Does your room need a “prescription” for a change of decor, function or design?  I would love to work with you to help your room "feel better."  
Contact me for more information about my design services.


Holly Gruszka said...

Very exciting and rewarding project for #thecommittee. And I always enjoy seeing how you work with certain items and make them WORK. Great light in here too!

Kris @ Driven by D├ęcor said...

Looks like a great house with some good bones! Love all of the angled ceilings! Your in-laws are sure lucky to have you as part of their "committee" - I look forward to seeing what you do with their new space!

pam {simple details} said...

What a fun project for all of you! I'm anxious to see what 'the committee' decided to do with the kitchen. :)

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Your family is so lucky to have this duo to decorate for them!!! You two know how to do blue already so this will be a breeze after the ORC!

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