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Monday, March 21, 2011

Union Jack {& Old Glory} Style

During my January visit to ABC Carpet and Home,  I came across an enormous display of products heavily influenced by British style, with the Union Jack playing a starring role.  Of course since this made an impression, I have been noticing the Union Jack everywhere and find the look intriguing and a little bit kitchy.

A few of my shots from ABC....
A fabulous Chesterfield sofa upholstered in Union Jack fabric anchored by the Union Jack rug.
Love the jacket, derby and trunk....

And here are just a few of the images I've come across with the Union Jack as design inspiration....
From the wall hanging to the pillows, how cozy is this?   The pup goes and I'm jumping in.

Love the paint job on this old chest... a great DIY project.

The bold visual of the rustic Union Jack painting warms up a contemporary space...
A quick Etsy "Union Jack" search turned up tons of  creative items, but these two were my faves...
A burlap pillow in the Union Jack design, but in a rustic color scheme.
A rug created by re-dying or over dying scraps of old rugs and patching them together...beautiful!
Figuring that if Union Jacks were big on the design scene, I might find a little bit of "Old Glory" out there, I was not disappointed. I like that the decor in these rooms does not feel holiday themed but is for the most part timeless and fun.

A beautiful Kilimn rug anchors this room of cotton duck, red leather, ticking and fabulous pillows.
 Crisp wallpaper and linens, carpet dotted with stars both work well with a great piece of artwork.
This may be the most over the top room of the bunch with the flag hung from rings and a rod, but the foundation pieces are versatile and the room would still give that Old Glory presence without the flag.
Again, searching Old Glory on Etsy turned up hundreds of items, but these really stood out for me...

Old Glory in a punchy new color scheme.

The patched and re-dyed rug, Old Glory style...

And a great piece of Old Glory art.

Even though the 4th of July is more than 3 months away and comes only once a year, I couldn't resist  showcasing the patriotic influence of flags in room decor and inspiration pieces that can work all year long.

Does your room need a “prescription” for a change of decor, function or design? If so please contact me,
I would love to help!

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