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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Room Rx: Craft Room Sneak Peak

Things are progressing nicely on the Craft Room Mecca so I thought I would share....
Remember the before? 

The room was emptied and some purging took place and then the contractor got started.
All of the old flooring and paneling was torn out and a gorgeous cork floor was installed.  The cork has a beautiful, all over pattern and is easy on the feet as well as durable, perfect for this space.
A combination of Ikea cabinets and products in addition to a few custom made items form the functional foundation of this room.  Check out the amazing butcher block work surface that my client's contractor made using a variety of woods..... Beautiful, hard working and perfect for tying together the various wood types in the room, from the trims to the doors, windows and cabinets.

The stainless steel work table is in place in front of the large window, the upper cabinet is hung (leaving room for a couple of fabric covered inspiration boards on either side) and we have taped off the locations of the custom storage cabinets my TWBIL, John is making for the room. 

An "Ikea Adventure" resulted in the addition of comfy seating, lighting, cabinet hardware for the custom pieces and a desk for the other side of the room.  The fabrics we have chosen will lend a pop of pattern and color in the form of a slipcover for the counter chair, the inspiration boards and coverings for the storage boxes (all DIY projects, btw)!
Functional, fun roller shades have been ordered for the window, and John sent an in progress shot of the custom cabinets....
Stay tuned as this project will be wrapping up as soon as the final pieces are installed. In no time this Craft Room Mecca will be home to some creative endeavors, not the least of which are part of the room's final look!  

Now I am more inspired than ever to get the ball rolling on my own workspace, maybe come fall.....!
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hollyG said...

I love that stainless high top table in front of the window. I don't see many craft room transformations so I'm excited to see the finished room.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

What an incredible transformation. I love how modern it looks, and that chair totally rocks.

Lisa - A Room with A View said...

I love a cork floor and its comfort, durability and that it is environmentally friendly. Quite a transformation so far.


WOW...it is coming along nicely. Just cleaning it out really helps...as it always does!

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