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Friday, March 11, 2011

Fresh Fabrics Friday: Morning Flower by Robert Allen

Fabrics are a great way to jump-start a room design.  I get pretty excited when I see an awesome fabric and since I can't go redecorating my own home every other week, (my accountant husband would never go for that, fun as it would be) I thought I would start a regular feature here on Room Rx showcasing my favorite, fresh, new finds.  My hope is to not only share the fabrics, but ideas on how to use them.  I'll try to find examples of the fabrics in use or of my vision and hopefully you will come away with a little bit of fabric inspiration.

Without further adieu, let me introduce this week's fresh fabric,
Morning Flower by Robert Allen:
This fabric is a cotton, polyester, linen blend print.  The weight of it would make it ideal for curtains, slipcovers, pillows or bedding.  It would also be perfect for upholstering a lightly used chair or a headboard.  I love the loose floral pattern, the bold green and the linen background and modern feel.  I am also sharing some coordinating fabrics and paint colors....

While I could not locate any images of Morning Flower in actual use, the image below gives the idea of how I would use such a statement fabric in a room.  Pale walls, linen colored upholstery and curtains made from this fresh fabric.  Nothing too bold on the floors, lighter wood case goods, a dose of texture with baskets and a rustic mirror, add in pillows in other complementary fabrics, a dash of black in the finish on the lighting and some accessories and you have the perfect Rx for a room!

I must say, I have always had a thing for green and have lots of it in my own home, but not this bold, almost Kelly Green, which seems to be on my radar these days.  I love it, check out this post and this one for more inspiration on this lively color.

Hope you have a terrific week-end, ours will be free of any organized sports as all 3 kids are done with basketball and on a break until baseball and softball start up, woo hoo!  Hubby and I actually have some social plans....!

P.S. Robert Allen Fabrics are typically "To the Trade Only" contact me if you are interested in purchasing.  You can also Google search the fabric name, as many times there are online outlets that sell designer fabrics at a discount and you may find your fabric that way.

Does your room need a “prescription” for a change of decor, function or design? If so please contact me,
I would love to help!


LiveLikeYou said...

Great fresh punchy color yet with an organic feel. Fabrics just make me feel obsessive!!

Sarah said...

Hi, Cathy!!! Wow, what a great idea for a weekly series...you go, girl! Love this fabric! Anything green and organic is a winner in my book. Great combination of other fabrics, patterns and colors. Sigh...I know great design starts with great fabric, but to me its so intimidating. I don't even know where to go around me (brick and mortar locations) to shop for fabric. Do you have any good online resource recs?

Can't wait for the Bachelor finale tomorrow night! Remember, I won't watch until Tuesday, so don't spill the beans for me;) Do you think he will pick Emily or Chantel?

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